Quant On Demand is a highly specialized and fast growing – invite only – network of interim data-driven financial market specialists and secondment consultancy firms in the Netherlands.

If you are a financial organisation, fintech company, insurance institute or related sector specific business looking for AI & Analytics oriented freelance market specialists we are able to help you out.

Why Quant on Demand?

Single Point of Contact

By collaborating with Quant On Demand, our clients have access to an extensive network of interim data-driven specialists, but experience only one single point of contact.

AI & Data Science financial Market Specialist

Because data-driven problems are often very broad oriented QOD offers the best solution. Where most data driven agencies tend to take in versatile employable personnel (generalists) to make them better placeable, our platform only works with in depth experienced data-driven financial domain specialists.

Freelance Professionals & Secondment Agencies

The best of both worlds. Our network does not stop at high-end freelance AI & Analytics domain professionals. We have established partnerships with lots of secondment agencies which makes our specialised network not only one of the most specialised but the largest pool of financial data-driven experts as well.

Brokering Services/Manages Service Provider

Quant on Demand as a complete solution provider. By using our network, you get access to a large number of interim professionals but will experience a one-way clear overview payment solution instead of a scattered way of working. If needed, we do accept working with preferred MSP’s as well.

Our Service


We offer professional recruitment solutions and aim to always deliver a shortlist of available professionals within 72 hours.

Quality Assurance

Every presented specialist has successfully undergone a structured qualification procedure which contains.

  • A conference call/meeting in which the technical level of expertise is being determined.
  • 360º reference check No Cure No Pay

Contract and temporary staffing

Quant On Demand is a highly specialized and fast-growing network of interim data-driven professionals in the Netherlands.

Way of Working

Quant On Demand works via a thought through working method in order to run a smooth and successful process.

Understanding your needs

Before starting our search, we need to know your needs. During a conference call we will ask in depth questions regarding the assignment itself and discuss the ideal candidate profile looking at hard- and soft-skills which are required.

Furthermore, we will discuss with you the length of the project and the budgeted hourly rate.

Reconfirming your needs

We will send a summary of what has been discussed and provide you with the possibility in adding or adjusting on this if necessary.


To let the process run smoothly we work with predefined concrete appointments. These relate to

  • CV-feedback
  • Interview dates
  • Interview process
  • Decision making process

Note: This process is being constructed by looking at the ideal start date of the specialist.

Qualifying professionals

We will actively approach our network and start by qualifying specialists who have shown interest by looking at their soft- and hard-skills.

We will than present to you a short list of best-fit professionals including:

  • The candidate’s most recent resume
  • A personal overview on how the qualified candidate came across
  • Reference Check (afterwards)
  • Availability date
  • All-in hourly rate

Note: Because of the high demand for these kinds of specialists we do not meet all of our candidates in person. Though if you would like us to include this into our service this naturally can be arranged as well.

Scheduling in introductory meetings

If you show interest in our presented candidates, we will schedule in a meeting for you. This can be a face-to-face meeting or Skype/Conference call as well.

We will confirm the appointment by sending you an e-mail and invite for your agenda. We will always ask for a confirmation of receival in order to be sure the appointment is properly planned.

Contract negotiation

As part of our service towards our candidates we offer to be their consultant during the contract negotiation.


After a successfully made placement, we would like to evaluate. We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves, therefore we normally schedule in so called after placement conference meetings

Contracting monitor calls

As part of our service, we schedule in returning monthly monitor calls to determine if the placed professionals are doing a good job and to discuss possible end-date or extension of the project.