Why Quant On Demand?

Focus on your core-business

Quant on Demand is part of Analyse People, a recruitment agency focusing on the mediation of Big Data professionals. Our way of working involves a highly pro-active approach towards companies.

Being part of Quant On Demand allows you to focus on what you do best and gives you unlimited access to numerous assignments for which you can show your interest.

Signing up for multiple assignments

Because of the strong demand for interim Big Data professionals we see a strong increase of assignments coming towards Quant On Demand.

This makes it possible for our members to subscribe for multiple projects and really look at the subject-matter of the assignment instead of feeling pressured taking on an assignment just in order for you not risking being without a project.

Healthy competition

Because it’s sometimes hard to compete against a data driven consultancy with multiple professionals employed, being member of QOD you will no longer experience the disadvantage of working solo.

Social aspect

Working as an interim specialist can be experienced as a bit lonely sometimes. Becoming a part of the club brings some additional interesting benefits. Especially for our members we organize monthly MeetUps, share interesting market insights, upcoming events and last but not least offer discounts on obtaining certificates, attending master classes, books, seminars etc.